It is a frequent misconception that there is nothing more to Falklands history than the war in 1982. However, although it was undoubtedly one of the most significant events in our history and a watershed moment, it was in fact a relatively brief period and this is reflected in the size of the 1982 Gallery.

The Historic Dockyard Museum is at its heart a social history museum, so we felt it was important to present the events from the point of view of the local population. Our 13 minute video compilation tells the story of the Argentine invasion and occupation, and the subsequent liberation by British forces, through the eyes of Islanders who were children at the time – giving a new and moving insight into events which have been related many times from many other perspectives.

The 1982 Gallery is largely audio-visual in content and so includes very little in the way of artefacts, but it is our intention to create a new space in the near future in which these items can be displayed and more detail of the battles and the military campaign, as well as the very significant contributions made by Islanders, can be explored.

The historic heart of Stanley