The historic heart of Stanley

If you would like to volunteer then please get in touch with Alison at or 27428

Recently we have been fortunate enough to have some very lovely ladies volunteers at the museum.  Mrs Emma Phillips, Mrs Katherine Fenton and Mrs Sarah Burrows took on the enormous task of updating the inventory.  The three ladies went through the entire museum photographing each and every item and logging its location.  This task was always one that was put to the back of the queue so we are very grateful to these ladies for their help.

We can't talk about volunteers and not mention Mr Derek Lee who cleared the gorse at Roy Cove on behalf of the Trust.    Derek did an incredible job and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts.  


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What is the value of volunteering?  To us, and to any other charity the value of volunteering is immesurable.   Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community. Volunteering means working with others to make a meaningful contribution to a better community.

Thank you to our Volunteers

Although these ladies are Museum staff, they also need mentioning in this section.  Mrs Tooie Goodwin and Miss Shirley Hirtle have been with the Museum for a very, very long time.  During this time they have worked many hours on a voluntary basis - be it proof reading, researching, or helping with Past Finders.  Thank you ladies!   

Mrs Joan Spruce and Mrs Judy Summers very kindly offered to   black lead the Museum's Range, pots and pans.  These are now gleaming - thank you ladies!