The historic heart of Stanley

Gardening, Painting & barbecue

at Cartmell Cottage

Past Finders seem to strike it lucky when it comes to weather!  What started as a not-so-nice day, turned into glorious sunshine just in time for our first gardening event of the year.  When not busy gardening the group took a turn painting a section of fence (but we think there was actually more paint on the ground than on the fence!)  As a treat, and because it was so nice, the staff decided to lay on a simple barbecue for the group (thanks to Tooie and Shirley for their help with this). 

Thank you also to Tim and Jan Miller for rotavating the garden and to Sally Blake for donating some marigolds (of the flower variety).

So what was planted?  Cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, four types of potatoes, carrots, swede, white turnip, parsnips, beetroot, lettuce, radish, eleven types of herbs, pansies and marigolds. Keep an eye on the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust's Facebook group page for regular updates. Hopefully, all going well, the children can submit entries for next year's Horticultural Show. Once harvested, vegetables will be sold with all proceeds going towards the group's activities. 

A huge thank you to F.I.C. Ltd (Homebuilder) for their generous discount towards the BBQ and tools.