As well as the 1850s and 1940s kitchens, the house features a kitchen from the 1970s – complete with Rayburn stove, 2-metre radio, record player and fashionable curtains! A very well-equipped pantry adjoins this kitchen, featuring many original tins and jars of foodstuffs as well as the necessary mod cons…

These three distinctly different kitchens clearly show the changes in everyday life in the Falklands and are always greatly enjoyed by visitors.

Upstairs the bedrooms are decorated and furnished in 1940s style. Our “family” has grown – our little girl (we like to think that she is about 10 years old) shares her room with a toddler, while another cot in the parents’ room clearly indicates a more recent addition to the family! Our young lady has few toys, but is lucky enough to have a lovely collection of hand-made doll’s house furniture.

This wonderful house, that has watched the growth of Stanley over the decades, is now itself protected from development and will serve as a reminder of simpler days for generations to come.

The Museum & National Trust is committed to preserving the heritage of the Falkland Islands and you can help.

If you would like to sponsor the upkeep of an object, a room or an outbuilding at Cartmell Cottage, please contact the Museum Manager ( or write to the Museum for more information. We will keep you up to date with works at the property and your name will go on to a roll of honour that will be placed inside the house.

Any donations made will be used towards further restoration work at the Cottage and will be gratefully received.

7 Pioneer Row

Cartmell Cottage

The historic heart of Stanley