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The historic heart of Stanley

Massive thank you to the above companies for their help with Christmas this year.  We have talked about lighting up the Dockyard ever since we moved to this location 3 years ago.  Thanks to the generosity of the above people we are able to do just that this year and each year that follows.

Seafish (Falklands) FI have bought us the lights that we need to make this happen; the Chandlery Supermarket are sponsoring our Santa's Grotto again this year and are donating 150 gifts for Santa to give out to children.

FIMCo and Lookout Lodge are joining forces and are setting up a barbecue on site that will be lit at 5.30pm and go on throughout the evening.     

NCB Solutions are putting up marquees just in case of bad weather.

The Teaberry Cafe will be doing something special for the little ones during the time the Grotto is on (6-7pm)

Thanks must also go out to Noel Greenland, Stephen Floyd and Jeff Halliday from FIG's Power & Electrical Department for installing the catenary wire and hanging the lights and of course to Glenn Ross and Colin Summers for giving this project the nod.