The historic heart of Stanley

So what do we have planned?  At 6pm the evening will start with the Christmas Grotto. Tickets for the Grotto are available by telephoning 27428.  We are hoping that parents and their children will stick around for the BBQ which will be lit at 7.30pm.  Mulled wine will also be available from 7.30pm.  For those wanting something a little sweeter than a hotdog or burger, the Teaberry Cafe will be open throughout the evening selling waffles, ice-cream, candyfloss, toffee apples and other delicious festive treats-  as well as their signature festive drinks of course!

Who else will be here?   Julie from Studio 52 will be setting up a marquee in the yard plus we will have stalls (the weather will dictate where the stalls are set up) with well known artisans like Helen Davies, Hairy Daisy and Steve Massam, Chapman's Colourful Creations and of course, the Museum Gift Shop will also be open. 

The sounds of Christmas will emanate from the Historic Dockyard Site throughout the evening - with this in mind, we would love to hear from anyone who would like to sing during the night - either as a soloist, a group or a band.  

At 10pm, our lovely Miss Falklands and Mr Falklands 2018 will switch on the Christmas lights.  Massive thanks must go to the PWD Power & Electrical Department for helping us put the lights up for this community event.  

All proceeds from the BBQ and Mulled wine will be going towards equipment hire for the evening.

Last year was our first Christmas lighting up event and while we thought it was great - we knew it could be a lot better!  So thanks to Seafish Falklands Ltd, the Chandlery Supermarket, the PWD Power and Electrical Department and the Teaberry Cafe... we are doing it again this year BUT we are doing it even better!

Seafish said last year that they would add something to the Christmas display each year and this is exactly what they have done!  Massive thanks to them and to the Chandlery  Supermarket who are again, donating all the presents for Santa's visit to the Smithy this year.