Civilian Honours

On 14th June 2015 the South Atlantic Medal was awarded to those Islanders who assisted the Forces during 1982. 

The medal is on display here at the Historic Dockyard Museum. 

The historic heart of Stanley

Awards received by civilians in the Falkland Islands Honours List:

Hunt, Rex Masterman, HM Civil Commissioner 

The Rev. H. Bagnall, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral

Mrs. A.A. Bleaney, Acting Senior Medical Officer

The Rt. Rev. Mgr. D.M. Spraggon, Prefect Apostolic
Mrs. V.E. Bennett, Acting Matron, Stanley Hospital

Mr. T.J. Carey, Power Station Superintendent

Miss M.G. Elphinstone, Medical Officer

Mr. E.M. Goss, Manager, Goose Green Farm

Mr. T.J. Peck, Legislative Councillor

Mr. P.J. Watts, Director of Broadcasting

Mr. R.S. Whitley, Veterinary Officer
British Empire Medal
Mr. M. Ashworth, Dairyman

Mrs. N.D. Buckett, Housewife

Mr. T. Dobbyns, Farmer

Mr. J.S. Fairfield, Lately Cpl Royal Marines

Mr. L.S. Harris, Senior Electrician

Mr. M. McKay, Farmer

Mr. P. Miller, Tractor Driver

Mrs. H.B. Perry, Superintendent, Telephone Exchange

Mr. D.R.T. Rozee, Plumber

Mr. V. Steen, Guide and Corporal FIDF

Miss K.L. Timberlake, Nursing Sister

Mrs. E. Vidal, Radio Telephonist

Miss B. Vaughan Williams, Nursing Sister

Names of Those Who Received
Commendations For Their Work During the 1982 War

On Civilian Recommendation
Mrs. Kath Berntsen

Mr. Don Bonner

Mr. David Castle

Mr. Charlie Coutts Jnr

Mr. Bob Gilbert

Mrs. Winnie Miranda

Mr. Brian Paul

On Military Recommendation 
Mr. Mike Carey

Mr. Doug Goodwin

Mrs. Dianne Kilmartin

Mr. Kevin Kilmartin

Mr. Brian May

Mr. Patrick Minto

Mrs. Trudy Morrison

Mr. Pat Whitney