The historic heart of Stanley

This is no small project and we are hoping that the public will get behind us and support it either financially or by getting actively involved.      If you would like to help please email Andrea at

When it became apparent that the reclaimed land to the north of the Museum was too unstable to build on, plans began as to what to do with it. 

We decided that the best option was to develop the land for the community to use.  The land will incorporate  external exhibition space featuring large sections of the Charles Cooper - including the rather splendid bow (pictured left).  If anyone hasn't guessed it yet, this is why we aptly named the land, 'Cooper Point.' 

Cooper Point we hope, will also feature a compass rose, a stepping stone timeline as well as information boards that will tell the visitor about our  maritime history.  If funds allow we also hope to have other features such as a ship's wheel at the head of the point and a tower viewer. 

Cooper Point