• Corporate partnership packages for Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Corporate sponsor for events
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Donations as goods or services
  • Hosting corporate functions at the Museum

The Museum seeks to work with companies to create partnerships that secure and celebrate the heritage of the Falkland Islands and its culture.  We offer a range of benefits and corporate packages:

The historic heart of Stanley

As a company, you could support our work in different ways to suit and benefit you.

Corporate Partnerships and Support

Donations as goods or services

The museum has an ambitious strategic development plan and can achieve its goals with you. The Museum is also the ideal venue to host your corporate function.

Corporate volunteering
We are able to accommodate group of 5-30 people for corporate volunteers and team building days.  These not only provide us with manpower to accomplish tasks, they allow your team to experience something new and rewarding.

  • Projects are seasonal and require supervision, so some flexibility in dates is required.
  • Most tasks involve outdoor teamwork; past projects have included building and repairing, gardening and spring cleaning.

Do you have a project in mind? 

Contact the manager@falklands-museum.co.fk to discuss potential project and dates.