2. Roadworks are starting in the area in the very near future.  One of the things we have been desperate to have in place is a large sign showing people exactly where the Museum is located.  This sign, designed by Julie Halliday, has been erected on the corner of the Gilbert House car park in time for the new tourist season. Thank you to the Public Works Department and Morrison FI for erecting this for us.  

The United Kingdom Falkland Islands Trust recently donated  £5,000.00 to go towards Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust projects.  

This very generous donation is being spent in a variety of ways to benefit both the Museum and the National Trust:

1. Visitors to the Dockyard site will have noticed that the Printing Office outside wall now has a 2 metre wide panel showing a map (and flag) of the Falkland Islands.  We found that many visitors wanted to know exactly where on the Islands they were so this map will be most useful.

3. We are aiming to have 5 information panels up at 5 different locations this year.  To the left is an example of the type of panel we want. The idea is to eventually have these National Trust signs at every location of historic significance outside of Stanley.  

The historic heart of Stanley

4. Whale Bone Arch is about to have a makeover!  All going well work will commence in the next couple of months and will be finished by the time the tourist season starts in October 2017.  The total cost of the works are anticipated to be around £5,500 and the UKFI Trust have kindly said that any remaining funds be put towards the Whale Bone Arch restoration project.

A huge thank you to the Trust for this very generous donation.