The historic heart of Stanley

The DVD has been on sale since before Christmas and can be purchased from the Museum, Stanley Services, Harbour View Gift Shop and Seafish Chandlery.  The documentary costs £10 with all proceeds going towards museum funds.

Falklands 1914 - The hunt for Germany's lost battleships

'The hunt for Germany’s lost battleships’ is a documentary based on Marine Archaeologist and FIMA Friend  Mensun Bound’s search for the lost fleet from the Battle of the Falklands.  The documentary was screened at the Historic Dockyard Museum on 12th January 2016.  The evening attracted 50 plus people.

"To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WWI, Oxford University archaeologist Mensun Bound leads a deep sea expedition to search for the lost German fleet or Admiral Graf Von Spee. 

Although widely considered to be on the most important naval engagements of the 20th century, the Battle of the Falklands has now been largely forgotten.

Falkland Islander Mensun Bound’s lifetime quest to find the sunken battleships also led him to rediscover and old masterpiece, the 1927 movie The Battles of coronel and Falkland Islands – one of the finest works of the British silent screen era.  The Battles of Coronel and the Falklands were then so famous that it was thought important to immortalize them in film.  The Royal Navy even lent their Mediterranean fleet for the action reconstruction.

To mark the 100th anniversary, the British Film Institute have restored the only surviving edition of this powerful piece of early British film-making and kindly allowed for the film to feature in the documentary at some of its most thrilling highlights."