The historic heart of Stanley

Historic Dockyard Museum - FOUNDING PARTNERS

Reading Room & Gallery – the Late Mrs. M.H. (Tim) Simpson

Social History –Seafish Falklands Ltd.

Maritime History –Consolidated Fisheries Ltd.

Natural History –Fortuna Ltd.

Gateway to Antarctica –UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Printing Office – S&JD Robertson Ltd., Kirwall, Orkney.

R/T & Telephone Exchange –Beauchene Fishing Co. Ltd.

Wash-house –Arch Henderson Ltd.

Sports –Pioneer Seafoods Ltd.


The FI Museum & National Trust is grateful for the support and

assistance of the following companies and organisations:

FIMA Friends
Interserve (Defence) Ltd. UK
Philips Electronics UK Ltd.
RBC Ltd.
Stanley Services Ltd.
Welbro Project Management Ltd. UK
Workboat Services Ltd.

And the following individuals:

Mr. G. Ceballos
Mr. R. Cockwell OBE
Mr. S. Heijtz
Mr. R. Morrison
Ms. H. Norman
Mr. D. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. P. Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. T. Spruce

This project would never have happened without the help and support of the

Falkland Islands Government

and the following companies, organisations and individuals.