The historic heart of Stanley

This project would never have happened without the help and support of the

Falkland Islands Government

and the following companies, organisations and individuals.

Historic Dockyard Museum - FOUNDING PARTNERS

Reading Room & Gallery – the Late Mrs. M.H. (Tim) Simpson

Social History –Seafish Falklands Ltd.

Maritime History –Consolidated Fisheries Ltd.

Natural History –Fortuna Ltd.

Gateway to Antarctica –UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Printing Office – S&JD Robertson Ltd., Kirwall, Orkney.

R/T & Telephone Exchange –Beauchene Fishing Co. Ltd.

Wash-house –Arch Henderson Ltd.

Sports –Pioneer Seafoods Ltd.


The FI Museum & National Trust is grateful for the support and

assistance of the following companies and organisations:

FIMA Friends
Interserve (Defence) Ltd. UK
Philips Electronics UK Ltd.
RBC Ltd.
Stanley Services Ltd.
Welbro Project Management Ltd. UK
Workboat Services Ltd.

And the following individuals:

Mr. G. Ceballos
Mr. R. Cockwell OBE
Mr. S. Heijtz
Mr. R. Morrison
Ms. H. Norman
Mr. D. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. P. Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. T. Spruce