The historic heart of Stanley

This shawl was made from wool shorn from polworth merino sheep from Goose Green farm.  The sheep was shorn by Brian Aldridge and then spun and woven by 12 members of the Falkland Islands Spinners and Weavers guild and 9 visiting spinners on a “Wild Fibres” holiday to the Falkland Islands led by Linda Cortright.

Starting at 9.00 am in the Historic Dockyard Museum’s Smithy building, working through the day, and then continuing into the evening at the Malvina House Hotel, the wool was transformed into the shawl; finishing on Tuesday with the fringes being attached and the garment being washed.

The Falkland Spinners and Weavers group wish to thank Brian Aldridge for the shearing; Bobby Short for supplying the shearing gear; Keith Alazia and Falkland Landholdings for supplying the sheep and everyone who helped or came along and watched during the day.