5 things that you could do to support us.

In the Falkland Islands, we live as a fabulous little community that offers charities, such as the M&NT tremendous amounts of support, so it is difficult to ask for more.  The Museum and National Trust is a central player that continues to bring the community together.  Its value to the Islands is incalculable.  It is a fabulous community asset!

As an Island without an indigenous population, each of us plays a role in the Islands development.  Find out how you fit into the growing canvas of these Islands' story.  Plus, don't miss out upstairs either!  It is easy to forget that the Museum is the most wheel chair accessible building on the Islands. 

Now when you get home, find some space in your diary and plan your next visit.

The small staff group at the Museum run a broad and inclusive variety of activities and events that engage with every generation on the Islands.  Don't be the one to miss out.  Coffee and cake mornings, book sales, evening lectures.  Are you getting our news?

Did you know there are Museum assets and National Trust locations all over the East and West?  Make a plan to see more as you explore the Islands.

  • If, like most visitors you think the Museum is a great place too, then how can you give back?

You can subscribe to our newsletters, share our news on Facebook and retweet.

  • It is not all about money, but it helps.

You can also raise money, take on a sponsored challenge, or plan to give a legacy.  Everyone can make a difference by getting involved, some can make a difference through financial giving.



Fundraising with the Museum and National Trust.

I've been working part-time with the Museum and National Trust (M&NT) for the past few months to help with fundraising.  Thanks for reading our newsletter and finding your way here.

Changing the way the we share our news is just the beginning of what I have been up to.  What  I really want is to see you here more often.  There are so many ways that you can get involved with the M&NT, want to find out?

The historic heart of Stanley