Gardening at Government House

with head gardener Nick Huin

Past Finders were lucky enough to do be invited for a spot of gardening at Government House with Head Gardener, Nick Huin on Saturday 23rd November.  We were lucky once again with the weather, in fact, we believe it was the hottest day of the year so far! 

Nick lead us to the cold frame where the plants were stored to prepare them for the outside temperatures. Nick had various types of flowers ready for the group to plant - Marigolds, Snap Dragons, Asters and Cornflowers. The group moved to the planting area where Nick talked through how to prepare the garden before planting.  The children chose what they wanted to plant (they were planted in no particular order which hopefully means a display in an array of colours). 

This is hugely exciting and we cannot wait to see them in full bloom when Government House has their Open Day in January.


The historic heart of Stanley