The historic heart of Stanley

The end of February signals the start of 'Sports Week' - a Falklands tradition where  a settlement on East Falklands and one on West Falklands, host a week packed with traditional events such as horse racing, dog trials and of course, a day tailored especially towards children.  Members of Past Finders  had a fantastic time at Goose Green on Monday 26th Feb!  They participated in events such as the sack race, the mile run and searched for sweets and money hidden in crooks and crannies.  It wasn't all fun and games though... the group headed to the Goose Green Hall where they heard from Ron Binnie and his life as a Champion Jockey.  The Museum's Teena Ormond kindly told the children all about her month locked in the Hall during the Argentine occupation in 1982.  The children got the opportunity to try out Spam, cold beans and spaghetti as well as Cream Crackers... the only rations the residents at Goose Green had for the first few days (the children were not keen!) 

Goose Green