The historic heart of Stanley

Goose Green Museum

Many will remember that last year we made the decision to close the Museum at San Carlos because we were losing the battle against mold and mildew.  Fundraising for a new building has started and we already have (thanks to the Falkland Islands Tourist Board), £10,000.00 of the £47,000.00 we need.

In the meantime the Kelper Stores, (part of the Fortuna Group) are kindly letting us use the old Landholdings office next to the new Kelper Store located Goose Green to house the items from San Carlos Museum.

A team from the Museum went out on Wednesday 18th April and began prepping the room by sanding and oiling the floor and applying a dab of paint.

We are very grateful to Fortuna for letting us use the space.  Thanks must also go to Joost Pompert and the Falklands Islands Government for the use of their sanding machines.