FIMA Friends committee member Jim McAdam was visiting a small antique shop in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland when he spotted a part tea set made by WH Goss.  He knew nothing about these things but Jim's wife Geraldine persuaded him to buy the lot with a view to presenting it to the museum.

The trade mark indicates that the set was made between 1887 and 1916.  Goss is a long-standing Falklands family name and there are strong connections with the branch of the family which remained in the UK and became famous for the crested china that is still popular among collectors. 

Perhaps the Goss potters were aware of their Falklands cousins when they decorated the tea set with the Falklands coat of arms of the time.

The FIMA Friends committee agreed to fund the tea set as a suitable donation to the new Museum, and Leona Roberts' rapid and enthusiastic response from the Islands confirmed that it would find a welcoming home there.

Jim visited the Falklands in his role as a member of the Falkland Islands Trust, and took the delicate tea set with him in his luggage.  In Stanley, he handed it over - with some relief - to the then Chairman of the FIMNT, Mr Tim Blake.  It became the first item to be acquired by FIMA Friends and presented to the museum.

Goss China tea set

The historic heart of Stanley