The historic heart of Stanley

Hawk's Nest Shanty

Kindly sponsored by RBC Ltd

Thanks to Mr Tony Blake, Hawk's Nest Shanty is now under the care of the Falkland Islands National Trust. We are quite excited by this generous donation which includes the horse paddock that this delightful little building sits on.  

Residents on West Falklands are keen to help us renovate and look after it.... and thanks to a generous donation by Mr Tom Blake of RBC, renovations can start in the very near future.  

What then?

After the work the Shanty needs is completed, we plan to use the site as a 'base' on West Falklands for the Past Finders youth group to use.  This is also an ideal chance for them to use the Shanty and experience staying in it.  

Keep checking for updates on the Shanty!