South Georgia "Incident"

On 19th April a team of scrap metal workers employed by Constantino Davidoff were put ashore by an Argentine naval ship at Leith in South Georgia. They landed illegally, without following port of entry procedures with the British authorities at King Edward Point.

The British Antarctic Survey reported that the intruders had raised an Argentine flag, defaced a BAS notice and that they appeared to be equipped for a long stay.

Governor Rex Hunt sent a message for the ship's captain, informing him that the group had landed illegally and must report to Grytviken after removing their flag.

The British Government informed Argentina that the incident was being taken very seriously and thereafter followed days of messages passing between the two governments. The Royal Naval ice patrol ship, HMS Endurance was sent to the area carrying Royal Marines from Stanley, but was not given permission to do anything about the intruders.

The situation continued to escalate as Argentina refused to withdraw the party, instead sending military forces to Leith and moving naval Covettes into the area.

The US tried to assist in finding a compromise and urged both sides to show restraint, but - unknown at the time - on 26th March the Argentine Junta decided to order the invasion of the Falkland Islands.

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