The Evans Warrah

In January 2010, while home at Spring Point Farm for the summer holidays, 13-year-old Dale Evans found something interesting on the ground and picked it up. A natural history enthusiast since he was just three years old, Dale set about exploring the site further and gathering up what he found.

Dale’s discovery has since been confirmed as a warrah - the “Falklands wolf” - a species that has been extinct for more than 130 years.

The warrah is the Falklands only native land mammal and its origin is something of an enigma. Only six complete specimens are known to exist and all these were collected in the 1800s - none were found in the creature's natural habitat, as we believe these bones might prove to be.

Might these mineralised bones from the Evans Warrah provide some new information? We do not know, but what is certain is that the discovery of what appears to be four warrah and number of prey species is a remarkable and significant scientific discovery.

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