James Clark Ross

Pictured above: Model of the James Clark Ross and Manager, Alison Barton receiving the model from Mike Glostein in front of the James Clark Ross.  Above right, Ron Ellis

The FIMNT was delighted to receive the donation of a model of the James Clark Ross research vessel which had been made by Ron Ellis and brought to the Falkland Islands on the James Clark Ross with the kind assistance of Mike Glostein, of the JCR.

Ronald Ellis, was a keen model maker in the UK and following his death it was offered to the Museum to add to our collection. Ron was born in India, spent some time in the Army and then worked at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Chilton until he retired.
The RRS James Clark Ross (JCR) is a marine research vessel used by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The ship was launched in 1990 and named after Admiral James Clark Ross and was built by Swan Hunter Ship builders in the UK.
Captain Sir James Clark Ross, was a British naval officer and explorer of both the Arctic and Antarctic. He  undertook survey work in the Falkland Islands as part of his Antarctic Expeditions and spent almost 5 months in the Islands in 1841-1842.

 (The model had a few items that have come loose in transit and thanks to assistance from some/one of the prisoners we hope to be able to put it on display in the Museum in the near future

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