how to felt

Anyone that knows Heather Norman knows exactly just how talented this lady is!  We were very fortunate that Heather agreed to show the Past Finders and its volunteers the skill of felting. 21 children and adults turned up to learn the art of felting - and we are told that 'even the boys' really enjoyed it... despite the sounds of protests beforehand ... felting isn't just for girls you know! 

For those that don't know, there are two techniques, dry and wet felting ... and everyone had a go at both.  Past Finders produced two beautiful wet felted pieces for the Museum's auction at the end of July so thank you to them for supporting the Museum and National Trust.   

At the time that Heather was teaching wet felting, Karen Armstrong-Ford stepped in and taught the children dry felting.  The result?  Some beautiful little teapot coasters for the Macmillan Coffee Morning at the end of September. 

Thank you also to Tooie Goodwin and Martyn Barlow for helping on these days - Tooie and Martyn helped make the clay poppies for the WWI exhibition in November. 

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