The historic heart of Stanley


Monday 4th - Trip to the Boca where the group will compare this 1800's site to the survey done 20 years ago.  If there is time they will do a spot of beachcombing with the metal detectors and enjoy a traditional smoko before heading to Goose Green for the sports.

Drop off: 8.45am museum car park

Pick up: 4.30pm museum car park

Don't forget to wear suitable clothing and footwear.  Please remember your hoodie and backpack containing a waterbottle, suncream and sunhat. 

Saturday 16th - Watch Group and Past Finders are coming together to explore the Cape Pembroke Peninsula.  This 2 mile walk will take in the flora and fauna of the peninsula with Michael as well as some teaberry picking with Sandra.

Drop off: 10am at Cape Pembroke (parents have been sent  a map showing the location.)

Pick up: 1pm from the lighthouse.   

Don't forget to wear suitable clothing and footwear.  Please remember your hoodie and backpack containing a packed lunch, waterbottle, suncream and sunhat. 

Saturday 6th – Easter egg hunt and other activities at the Museum- A little early we know, but we have other plans for the Easter weekend (see below)
Drop off: 11am at the museum.  
12pm from the museum.

Tuesday 23rd – HMS Clyde - We have been invited onboard HMS Clyde for a guided tour. Special thanks to Colonel Prew for organising the trip.
Drop off: TBC
Pickup: TBC
Please make sure you are wearing warm clothes and appropriate footwear (trainers)

Saturday 4th – Walk from Eliza Cove tip to Lake Point beach.  The group will passing the old rugby pitch, looking at WWI & WWII artifacts and foundations and talking about the stone crusher.
Drop off: 11am at the west gate close to the rubbish dump, Eliza Cove.  
Pick up: 1pm same location
Please can children wear suitable clothing.  Can they also bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water.

Saturday 18th – Tour of Government House and tea with HE the Governor, Mr Nigel Phillips and Mrs Emma Philips.
Drop off: TBC at Government House 
Pick up: TBC from Government House
Please can children wear Past Finders hoodies and smart trousers & shoes. 

Saturday 1st – Letter writing competition - The museum was recently donated a letter written by Teena Ormond during the 1982 Conflict.  Teena was 17 during the war and this is believed to have been the only letter that made it out during this time.  We would like the Past Finders to put themselves in Teena's shoes, and write a letter to a family member.  The museum also has a copy of Lisa Watson's letter that she wrote during this time - Lisa was 10 in 1982. 
Drop off: 2pm at the museum
Pick up: 3pm from  the museum

Friday 21stMuseum at Night - come along with your torches and your family and experience the museum in a different light.
Open to the public: 6-9pm

Saturday 6th –  End of season party for Past Finders and invited guests.  Will include nibbles, drinks and dancing with Lisa & Lee Martin- (traditional dancing Waltz, Foxtrot, Samba, novelty dances and many more!)
Drop off: 2pm at the Parish Hall
Pick up: 3:30pm from the Parish Hall
Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury for the table.

August & September
Sandra will be away for a well-deserved holiday and will be back in October for renewing of memberships.

Proposed Autumn/Winter Programme

The times and dates are subject to change dependent on the weather.
Please do not drop your child off before the time stated because there may not be a member of staff at the location if you do.