Melanie Gilding

Museum Assistant

National Trust

Melanie joined the team at the beginning of October, on a part-time basis, to further develop the National Trust side of the Museum’s work.

She studied law at Aberdeen University and worked as a solicitor for some years, both in Fife and Edinburgh, before coming to the Falklands in 1990, in search of something different!  She worked as a lawyer here before moving to Camp and raising her family;-- twins Amy and Petra (23), Leila (18) and James (12).

Her family has owned Port Louis (original settlement in the Falklands and a working farm) for almost 20 years, which sparked her interest in Falklands history, although she has been interested in history all her life.

Melanie hopes to develop a system of protection and conservation of historic sites and monuments in the Falklands to preserve our heritage for future generations. However, she also helps with new exhibits, visitors to the museum…….whatever is needed by the museum’s multi-tasking team!

She would be very happy to hear from you with any suggestions, queries or concerns regarding historic sites, whether you are a landowner, local resident or visitor. Please feel free to contact her.

Teena joined the Museum in June 2017 as the new Records & Research Assistant after several years working in the Fishing Industry.

She spent her early childhood years at Speedwell Island and Fox Bay West before moving to Weddell Island in 1967 – and will jump at any opportunity to spend time in Camp, especially West Falkland.

Teena’s great-grandparents came to the Islands in the 1880’s where they initially lived at Port Stephens before moving to and becoming owners of New Island.  It was during that time the Norwegians established a whaling station on the Island from 1908-1916.  Remains of that industry can be seen at the site to this day.

Teena lives in Stanley with her husband Kevin who she met when he was part of the Task Force in 1982 (attached to 2 Para).  They have two grown up daughters: Terrianne, Assistant Director of Civil Aviation and Krysteen who has recently returned to University to study Law.

Teena doesn’t anticipate being bored in her new role within the museum because there is so much to do and learn! She hopes that she won’t get so distracted by the historical information and artefacts available that she neglects her duties….

Alison Barton 

Museum Manager

Teena Ormond

Museum Assistant 

Records & Research

Jennifer Sanchez

Museum Assistant


​​All M&NT staff are based at the Historic Dockyard Museum, although our work can take us out to Camp and, in some cases, much further afield. The team is currently made up of three full-time employees, although it must be said that we could not manage without our part-time staff and our summer helpers.

Andrea Barlow


Alison joined the staff of the Museum in May this year, having spent many years working as a secretary/PA in offices around Stanley and is really enjoying the switch to the Museum.

She studied Archaeology and History at Bangor University where she met John who later persuaded her to leave her job at Exeter Maritime Museum and come to the Falklands for a year or so.  30 + years later she is still here and very happy and they now have two grown up sons.

Alison is looking forward to carrying on in the managerial role from Andrea.  There is plenty happening at the Museum from setting up new exhibitions and displays, organising events in the Historic Dockyard Museum as well as the general day to day running of the Museum and recording of its exhibits.  For Alison, the best part of the job is when you find out something new about the history of the Islands either from an object that someone has donated or a picture they have brought in, every day at the Museum  is different. It really is a great place to work and it’s a great team to be part of. 


Jennifer arrived in the Falkland Islands in June 1993 aged 12 on the MV Tamar with her family.  She recalls various things from that trip - being sick for 3 days and seeing dolphins and snow for the first time.  It couldn't have been all that bad though because she decided to make the Falklands her home.

Our casual staff are amazing and it is fair to say that without them we would not be able to provide the level of service we do. 

Our wonderful ladies and gents are;

Shirley Hirtle, Tooie Goodwin, Susan Whitney, John Fowler, Joan Spruce, Judy Summers,

Eileen Davis, Felicity Sawle, Tasmin Tyrrell, Dianne Freeman, Marj Adams, Sandra Summers and Annie Gisby. 

Some of our staff are shy and therefore are not pictured. 

Having spent 8 years as a printer, Jennifer decided it was time for a change and applied for the clerical post with the FIMNT.  She still can't quite believe how busy life at the museum is but she is thoroughly enjoying herself.   Jennifer has two children Josh (17) and Alanis (15)

Jennifer runs the museum gift shop, cashes up daily and just tends to run around like a crazy thing all day!

The historic heart of Stanley

Andrea has been with the F.I. Museum & National Trust for a relatively short time and has recently taken over as Museum Director from Leona Roberts.  She joined the small team at the FIMNT in 2012 after 14 years policing the streets of Stanley.  

Andrea is a 7th generation Islander on her mother's side.  Her family can be traced back to the arrival of Governor Richard Clement Moody when he, along with a detachment of Royal Sappers and Miners arrived at Port Louis on 15th January 1842 on the brig Hebe.  Private James Biggs and his family decided to settle in the Islands and have hundreds of descendants worldwide.  

Andrea lives at Mullet Creek with her husband Martyn, who she met when he was on tour on HMS Dumbarton Castle in 2004.  Andrea has two children, Ollie (19), who recently completed his third year studying Business at Chichester College, and Amber (9) who attends the Infant & Junior School in Stanley.