The historic heart of Stanley

Cpt Francis Crozier (Alison Inglis) reveals who the murderer is.

Bosun Molloy, of HMS Terror, arrests (a rather happy) Charles Barnard!

All money raised from the evening will be split between the


Friday 22nd June saw our first Murder Mystery evening here at the Historic Dockyard Museum.  The ten suspects included either well known characters from Falklands history or, characters with a connection to the Islands.  Only two of the ten teams worked out that the  murderer was none other than Charles Barnard ... played by Steve Fowmes.     Well done to Naomi's Ninjas for scoring the most points overall and coming out triumphant. 

Staff await the arrival of the guests.  L to R - Alison Barton, Sandra Alazia, Tasmin Tyrrell and Andrea Barlow

Murder at the


Above: The ten suspects wait to find out who committed the dastardly act!

Special thanks to everyone who acted or helped in some way with the event, but specially to Alison Inglis for writing the script and putting the whole thing together. 

FIODA actors were: Captain Sir James Clark Ross – Jason Lewis, Lieutenant Richard Moody – Joanne Hay, Charles Darwin – Stuart Walker, Captain Robert Fitzroy – Nick Roberts, Allen Gardiner – Karen Armstrong-Ford, Viscount Falkland – Alex McShane, Admiral Horatio Nelson – Elliott Vincent, Charles Barnard – Steve Fowmes, Antonina Roxa – Caiti Beattie, Charles de Bougainville – Daniel Clarke.