The historic heart of Stanley

Tuesday 12th April 2016

Andrés Pinto was at the Historic Dockyard Museum on Tuesday 12th April giving a demonstration of traditional Chilean folk music.  Traditional Chilean food, made by Alex and his team at The  Waterfront Hotel, was on offer for a small donation.    Mr Pinto, visiting the Islands on a Shackleton Scholarship Fund, is playing at various venues during the week.

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Lt. Cdr O’Neil Commanding Officer of HMS Clyde presents  the ship's plaque to FIMNT Chairman Richard Cockwell.

Night at the Museum

The museum at San Carlos has been receiving some much needed TLC from a team from Mount Pleasant Airport.   The team, led by Wing Commander Tim Lindsay and Flight Lieutenant Mike Tunstall wanted to repay Andie Neate and Matthew MacMullen in some way for allowing them to exercise on their land.  Andie and Matthew kindly suggested they paint the museum.  The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust would like to thank everyone involved including Andie and Matthew for the suggestion.

Those involved included;

Wg Cdr T Lindsay      Co 905 EAW
Flt Lt M Tunstall          ProjO – 905 EAW
Flt Lt A Smith               303 SU
2nd Lt m Dalgarno     RRB
Fg Off A Stone            303 SU
FS R Steel                     Dep ProjO – 905 EAW HQ
FS R Oakley                 303 SU
Sgt Mabbutt                303 SU
Sgt D Shirley               JFLU HQ
Cpl R Campbell           S&AMS
LBdr L McCann           RRB
SAC L Burbeary           303 SU
SAC J Riddle                S&AMS
SAC J Spencer            S&AMS
SAC L Hill                      S&AMS
Gunner K Ball             RRB
Gunner J Nowill         RRB
Gunner M Wright      RRB


San Carlos Museum

Monday 9th May 2016

HMS Clyde is a River Class patrol boat of 2000 tonnes displacement. Built by V T Shipbuilders in Portsmouth and launched on 14th June 2006 she is the tenth royal navy ship to bear the name. She is equipped with a 30 mm Oerlikon KCB gun and has a Merlin capable flight deck.

HMS Clyde is the first patrol boat to be solely committed to South Atlantic patrols. She began her patrol duties in the Falkland Islands in 2008 and the crew of HMS Clyde laid out and painted the boulders spelling her name on the Camber in June 2013. 

HMS Clyde was involved in assisting in the rescue of passengers and crew of “Le Boreal” following an engine room fire which had left the cruise vessel drifting off the Falkland Islands in 2015.

Pictured are some very brave young ladies  that  enjoyed the very first sleep over at the Historic Dockyard Museum. 

Well done ladies, you are braver than we are! 

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Friday 8th April 2016

Tuesday 4th October 2016

HMS Clyde plaque

Mini concert