The historic heart of Stanley

Saturday 10th Time: TBC- Silk Painting, felting & jewellery making
Let’s get creative with Karen Armstrong Ford, Heather Norman & Andrea Barlow! Yes, the group will be getting arty & crafty!

Saturday 1st Time: 9-4pm – Visit to the St Mary
This is for the children who attended the talk on the St Mary in September (sorry everyone but we have been told to keep the number of vehicles down to a min.)  The day will encompass a visit to the wreck of the St Mary, a study of the wildlife in the area, beachcombing, metal detecting and a look in any rock pools plus of course our usual picnic. 

Saturday 15th – Santa’s Grotto
Let’s get festive and learn some Christmas tunes, decorate the Smithy’s ready for Santa in the evening.  We hope that you and your parents or guardians can come along during the evening and help us celebrate Christmas.

Saturday 12th Time: TBC – Fairy Cove walk
A walk along the other side of Stanley harbour to learn about the ships whose names appear there.  Then to the Camber to learn about the railway.

Saturday/Sunday 26th-27th Time: TBC– Big camp out No 1!
Off we go to Saledero to learn about Hope Place, pick wild strawberries, do a spot of fishing, some metal detecting and a BBQ.

Saturday 9th Time: TBC – Quiz time… who has been listening?
Get your thinking caps – there will be questions on all of our activities so far.  Here is a question for you…what is my favourite part of a monkey?
Sunday-Monday 3-4th Time: TBC – Big camp out No 2! Yes!!! We have 2 camp outs this summer… not just 1!

Off we go to Darwin to hear about the big move from Saledero to Darwin and learn about the Boca.  Activities will include wool spinning, craft work, and we will also join in with the sports day at Goose Green.  Guess what?  There will also be a BBQ … my favourite!

Saturday 16th Time: TBC - Teaberry picking
Let’s fill those jars and get cooking some delicious treats … for the Museum staff! J Just kidding, you keep what you find (but make sure you don’t leave your jars unattended when the staff are around.) Yum in my tum!

Thursday 18th Time: TBC - Easter egg hunt
At the Museum of course… or maybe elsewhere… who knows, but just make sure you remember the date, you don’t want to miss out on the choc now do you? Let’s have an eggtastic time!


Spring and Summer 2018/19