Our Collections
The M&NT holds incredibly wide-ranging collections which touch on most aspects of life in the Falkland Islands, but most objects can be categorised within one of the following themes:

Camp Life
Domestic (practical)
Domestic (social)
1982 War
Working Life (Stanley)
Natural History

Material relating to the Falklands – pictures, drawings, photographs, ephemera, oral testimony, film, video and archival material.

One of the M&NT’s main roles is to collect, safeguard and make accessible artefacts and specimens, which we hold in trust for the community.

In 2009 Trustees approved a collections policy which essentially gives priority to objects or material which have a strong association with the Islands, rather than items of financial worth. For example, a valuable plate that had never been used here would be of less importance than a wedding dress made in the UK but worn at a local wedding. Anything made in the Islands is of greatest significance to us – it doesn’t matter if it is a battered piece of horse gear, an embroidery sampler or a fireside clay dog made locally by a 13-year-old (see picture).

The Museum now has an estimated 5,000+ items in its collection, and space and storage is still an issue despite moving the Historic Dockyard Museum. 

The historic heart of Stanley