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With special thanks to the following businesses and individuals for their generous contributions towards setting up the youth group​​

​~    Seaview Logistics Ltd    ~    Argos Group Ltd​   ~   Mrs Ali Ford's Dipping Frenzy   ~ JK (Marine) Ltd   ~

~    Fortuna FI Ltd​    ~    Seafish (Falklands) Ltd    ~    Mrs Heather Norman    ~    Government House   ~   

~   Falkland Islands Tours & Travel Ltd ~    South American Atlantic Services Ltd ~   Consolidated Fisheries Ltd   ~

I am very happy to announce that I have joined the Museum & National Trust (M&NT) as their Outreach Assistant. My job will be community outreach with a focus on bringing about awareness, interest, and participation in M&NT activities but my primary role is to re-establish the Museum’s youth group, Past Finders. 
We have created a Facebook group called ‘Past Finders (for parents)’ because this may be the best way to keep parents informed. 
We are having a meet and greet at the Museum on Saturday 7th October.  We may have to do this in two stages dependant on how many children show interest so please let me know by emailing if your child would like to join.
Any young person between Y4 and Y9 is welcome to join the group.  We would also love to hear from any young person in Y10 or Y11 who may wish to join as volunteers and help us run Past Finders.  We would also like to hear from any adults willing to put their name down as a volunteer – all adults will be subject to a criminal record check. 
Registration forms and volunteer forms can be completed on the day, or downloaded from the Past Finders Facebook group or Website.  We will also launch our competition to re-design the Past Finders logo on that day! 
All going well we will have our first get together (exploring the Cape Pembroke peninsula) on Saturday 21st October.  Until we raise funds to purchase the equipment we need, all activities will take place close to home and we will be asking parents to pick up and drop off their children at nearby locations.
The cost is £20 per child per annum with additional small contributions for camp outs.  We also plan to do joint activities with Watch Group throughout the year.
We will advertise through local media beforehand as a reminder.  See you all on October 7th!


Past Finders

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