The historic heart of Stanley

The F.I.M.N.T. strives to preserve and protect places, buildings and items of historic importance or interest. We work to educate and inform residents and visitors and actively encourage Islanders to enjoy their national heritage.

The Trust makes every effort to develop the understanding we have of our history and to increase the amount and quality of information available –

  • We have brought archaeologists to the Islands, to explore and map sites of early settlement and development
  • We have contacts with museums and organisations all over the world who help to fill in gaps in our knowledge
  • We help to maintain and build on cemetery records
  • We assist specialists visiting the Falklands on research trips
  • We actively gather records and publications of specific interest to the Falklands, in an attempt to build up a good research library​
  • Of course, we also promote the Falkland Islands all over the world and are regularly contacted by researchers or individuals who are curious about our history.

Policies & Objectives

Code of Ethics
The M&NT endeavours to operate and manage its collection based on the principles laid out by the Museums Association’s Code of Ethics for Museums (although there are limitations as described in the Acquisition & Disposal Policy 2009).

Collections Policy
In 2009 the Museum’s first official Acquisition & Disposal Policy was approved by the Board. This states that the M&NT will collect objects and material which has a strong association with the Falklands.  Particular value is given to items made locally. 

No-Purchase Policy
The M&NT will not use Trust funds to purchase items for the Museum collection. However, the Trust reserves the right to approach individuals or organisations for sponsorship, or to ask for public subscription, which would then allow the purchase of a particularly desirable item.

The M&NT aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of the Islands’ cultural and natural heritage through exhibitions and events; to encourage an appreciation of local history; and to work with schools and other agencies in outreach and similar programmes.

The principal role of the Museum is to collect and care for objects related to the Islands’ history and to make the collections available to the public, however the Trust has some involvement with other areas of Falkland heritage – such as wrecks and hulks and Camp cemeteries – but other areas (such as historic sites) are currently unregulated.

Strategic aims and objectives

  • Safeguard the long-term future of the collection.
  • Invest in new collections management system to allow increased access to the collection, including photographic.
  • All objects in M&NT permanent collection to be re-classified within new CM system, with photographs, by December 2017.
  • Have new website designed and launched by March 2016, with set programme for updates and additions.
  • Increase visitor numbers to Museum.
  • Continue to encourage community involvement and repeat local custom through temporary exhibitions and events – aim to hold at least one temporary exhibition per year.
  • Preserve the Falklands’ cultural heritage.