The historic heart of Stanley

Anyone on West Falklands who would like to get involved in looking after the Shanty is asked to contact the M&NT.

Recent Donations

The M&NT are pleased two announce that two notable buildings steeped in history have been gifted to the trust this year.  The first is the Fox Bay Post Office and house owned by good friend of the Museum, Mr Stefan Heijtz.  Stefan has bequeathed the property to the trust in a will. The Post Office was officially opened by Princess Anne early last year.

The second property is Hawk's Nest Shanty that sits on Little Chartres land.  The Shanty and horse paddock that the building sits on, has been generously gifted to the trust by Mr Tony Blake.    Mr Tom Blake of RBC has said that he will put £5,000.00 towards the restoration of the Shanty.  The building will be used by the youth group Past Finders once re-established.