The historic heart of Stanley

Recent talks at the Museum

David Bailey and his talk on the Isabella and the Nanina

The Museum & National Trust is fortunate to have good friends and supporters such as the gentlemen pictured above.    We would love to hear from anyone  who is interested in giving a talk at the Museum.  Do you have a hobby you would like to share with people?  Perhaps you lived or visited somewhere and you would like to share your experiences?    Maybe there is a subject that particularly interests you...  whatever it might be, please get in contact with Alison at

Monika Lukomska, an evening with a difference, story telling at the Museum.

Jim McAdam and his second talk on the Ilen

Hugh Osborne and his talk on the hunt for the Graf Spee

Dr Filippo Galimberti and Dr Simona Sanvito's illustrated talk on Killer Whale behaviour with drone footage, a fascinating new perspective. See for some of the footage.