The historic heart of Stanley

Scale of charges

1.    Research and Documentation
        Hourly rate                                       £25 per hour
        Minimum charge                            £7 per 1/4 hour or part thereof

2.    Photocopies
        Minimum charge                                £2 for 4 x A4 sheets
        Each additional A4 sheet                75p

3.    Scanned Photographic Images
        On plain paper                                     £2.50 per A4 sheet
        On photographic paper                   £5.00 per A4 sheet
        On disc                                                    £8.00 per disc

4.    Postage and Packing
        Packing & Handling                        £2.50 per order
        Postage                                              As charged by Post Office

The Museum does offer a research facility and we are, of course, happy to provide facts, figures and general information on the Falkland Islands’ community and history.

Whenever possible, we will gather as much information as we have available on your subject and provide you with copies (scanned or photocopied) of documents, photographs etc. from our archives.