archaeological survey carried out 20 years ago.  After a sumptuous smoko, the group had the opportunity to use the metal detectors (donated by Seafish (Falklands) Ltd) on the beach.  There was great excitement when some of the members found bits of metal as well as pottery. 

One of the other reasons the group decided to head out to Hope Place this year was because of the newly commissioned National Trust signs that will be starting to go up at places and sites of historic importance.  The first 5 signs, which were kindly sponsored by the UK Falkland Islands Trust, will be going up at Hope Place, Darwin Corral and Galpon, Ceritos, Kelp Creek and Sapper Hill Corrals.  Thanks has to go to Mandy and Simon for offering to erect the sign at Hope Place.

You would have thought that the walk to and from Hope Place would have tired the group but they were able to muster enough energy for a few games of rounders before settling down to enjoy a barbecue and a spot of late night fishing. 

Sunday started with a massive breakfast cooked by Mandy and Simon.  Sunday was going to be spent transplanting baby trees from the forest but sadly we did not find any.  Instead, we headed to the creek where we were going to do a spot of smelt fishing but sadly the weather was not on our side.  After a quick picnic by the creek and some rock skimming, we headed back to Stanley. 

A huge thank you must go to Mandy & Simon Ford for hosting Past Finders, to all the volunteers for helping with the trip and to Seaview Logistics Ltd for making this trip possible.   

2019 marks 170 years since Hope Place was chosen to set up a wild cattle salting works by the brothers Samuel and Alexander Lafone.  It’s for this reason that the Past Finders youth group chose Saladero as the location for one of their camp-outs this year.

We left Stanley under showers of rain but by the time we arrived at Saladero the sun was shining and the wind had dropped.  Approximately 12 tents – which were to contain 34 of us – were quickly pitched on our arrival.  After a quick lunch the group walked to Hope Place where they learned about the site before measuring and photographing each ruin (and the turf corral) so they could be compared to the

The historic heart of Stanley

Hope Place and Saladero