Above: Ken Passfield (standing) with some of the attendees

Ken and Sally

We were very happy to have accomplished sailors, Sally Poncet and Ken Passfield both give talks at the Historic Dockyard Museum over the winter.

Sally, whose talk which was titled, 'Recovering Lost Islands: The Restoration of South Georgia', described to the audience how non-native invasive species such as rats and reindeer, were eradicated from South Georgia a few years ago.  183 tonnes of poison were used to eradicate the rat and mice population that was introduced by whalers in the 1800 and 1900s.  The move has already seen rare birds already returning to South Georgia.   Reindeer were introduced by Norwegian whalers which resulted in overgrazing of tussac and burnet.    The last of the reindeer were eradicated in 2014.   Sally is one of only 8 women to have been awarded the prestigious Polar Medal which is awarded to UK citizens for 'conspicuous contributions to the knowledge of Polar regions or who have rendered prolonged service of outstanding quality in support of acquisition of such knowledge.'

Ken, on his talk that was organised by the Yacht Club, took his audience around the world with him - covering much of his 20 years sailing.  Ken has circumnavigated the globe on yacht Porvenir -  clocking up 23,000 miles in the process.   Sally, Ken's partner, joined Ken for much of this trip.

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