The historic heart of Stanley

The M&NT's collection has just been boosted by a most extraordinary gift of a Sea King Search & Rescue helicopter.

Sea King HAR Mk3, tail number XZ593, has been a familiar figure in Falklands skies - the RAF have provided emergency services for more than 30 years and the distinctive rotor noise has been aptly described by a resident as “the sound of safety.”

Discussions with the Ministry of Defence have been lengthy, but we were very keen that one of the helicopters should remain in the Islands as testament to the incredible service given by the RAF SAR service over the years.

CBFSAI Commodore Darren Bone MA said, “This is a terrific outcome and one which I know will be appreciated by all of the Islanders who have come to love the yellow Sea Kings.  It is fitting that this helicopter, which has conducted numerous rescues both within the Islands and far out to sea in the often violent water, should be preserved and remain here.”

It is planned that the Sea King, along with all our other ‘larger’ items, will be housed in a museum annexe designed and built especially for these objects.  The annexe will also incorporate a much needed storage facility. 

Sea King HAR Mk3 XZ593