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The National Stamp Collection

The National Stamp Collection is finally on display at the Historic Dockyard Museum after spending 17 years in storage.  Invited guests were treated to the first viewing of the collection during a reception held at the HDM on Saturday 11th March.  

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In 2009/2010 Mr Stefan Heijtz, philatelist and good friend of the Falkland Islands Museum and Jane Cameron National Archives, visited the Islands and found that the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust did not own a basic stamp collection.  He wanted to change this and offered to put a collection together for the FIMNT.  The expectation was that he would put together a partially complete collection due to the rarety of some of the older stamps; but just seven months later during a reception held in London in November 2010, he presented Sukey Cameron, FIGO representative, with a complete stamp collection.

The collection has an estimated value of £7,000-8,000, with most of the more valuable stamps in the early pages. The stamps are considered an important educational tool, depicting art and heritage with issues by commissioned local artists and events of national and international importance.

”The Falkland Islands National Stamp Collection has been created in the spirit and honour of Nutt Cartmell,” said Mr Heijtz, ”Nutt was probably the most well known local stamp collector in modern times.  I knew him well and I am convinced that he would have approved of this project, and if he had still been alive, he would have contributed generously.”

Mr Heijtz added ”Therefore it is my honour and pleasure to present this collection to the Falkland Islands Museum and the people of the Falkland Islands. I am sure it will be treasured and admired by generations to come, both locals and visitors, since the stamps show so much of the history, culture, nature, everyday life and development of the islands.

A big thank you to all contributors; without you this would not have been possible!”