Illustrated talk by Nick Roberts

The historic heart of Stanley

Nick had the group captivated right from the very start of his talk about his recent trip to South Georgia!  He told the group about the albatross, whales and seals he saw on the way to the Island and of the rat eradication which has taken place in South Georgia over the last few years.

Nick’s first stop off was Right Whale Bay which Nick described as "majestic".  His second stop was Hercules Bay were tourist were allowed to use inflatable kayaks to get up close to the Snowfall Waterfall.  The third stop was at Maiviken where the team walked to Grytviken, an old whaling station.  The next stop was St Andrews Bay which was covered in thousands of penguins.  Next was Ocean Harbour - a lush green with piercing mountains in the background - the green was completely covered in seals!  Next was the Drygalski Fjord where a bit of glacier broke off - Nick described the  sound as "like thunder, with a huge rumble," adding that it was a "scary but amazing experience!"

The last stop was a walk from Stromness -  retracing Shackleton's epic trek across South Georgia. 

Thank you so much Nick for sharing your story with the group.