The historic heart of Stanley

The Falklands Ball 2019

Proudly sponsored by

Miss Falklands, Kursha Lloyd and Mr Falklands, Luke Gilbert

Huge thank you to Lisa and Lee for the music, Chris Locke for the spectacular lights, all the ladies and gents that cooked and helped us decorate the Town Hall (Gina and Garry Tyrrell, Katrina and Zac Stephenson, Terrence and Carol Phillips, Thomas Ford, Heidi Clifton, Donna Ford, Sharon Gilbert, Ali Ford, Robert King, Tooie Goodwin, Marj Adams, Ali Dodd and all the fabulous FIMNT staff).

Thanks also to Falklands Fish for donating the trout, FIG for the Town Hall, and absolutely everyone who donated to the raffle to raise funds for San Carlos Museum.  Last but certainly not least, to the Falkland Islands Company for sponsoring the event again this year - we couldn't make it the success it is without your help and the help of everyone involved. 

The Ball and raffle raised £7,321.00, taking us a step closer to rebuilding the San Carlos Museum.  Watch this space!