The historic heart of Stanley

The Printing Office

Type-setting required immense patience, accuracy and artistry, and the enormous skill of Head Printers such as Joe King and Tony Pettersson was never fully appreciated by either the establishment or the public, but we are proud to be able to celebrate their work in this building.

Building and Exhibitions generously sponsored by
S & J D Robertson Ltd.
of Orkney, Kirkwall

The Government Printer was an established post from 1874 until 2006 when the service was privatised. However, throughout the years various private organisations also produced newsletters and pamphlets on their own presses.

Printing machines were originally operated by hand or pedal, and the Stanley presses were only connected to the power grid in 1948. Further improvements were made in 1954 with the installation of the mighty Wharfdale press, and Linotype was introduced in 1964. Offset printers took over the majority of the work from the 1980s onwards – one of these machines is still used at The Print Shop alongside the modern presses.

The first Government Printing Office was located here in the Dockyard, but was moved to behind the Secretariat in 1908.