The historic heart of Stanley

Following their talk on Killer Whale behaviour at the Museum, and whilst they were still in Stanley  Dr Simona Sanvito and Dr Filippo Galimberti of the Elephant Seal Research Group took some 3D images of the Warrah skull that is on display at the Museum. As well as being part of a larger project led by Professor Carlo Meloro of Liverpool John Moores University and Professor Luigi Maiorano of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, to study the morphology of mammal skulls, they offered to let us have a 3D model of the skull in return,  in addition to being able to use the 3D images to enhance our display on the Warrah. We were pleased to give them this opportunity and look forward to receiving the 3D images in due course.  The Warrah, the “Falklands wolf”, was observed by Charles Darwin on his visit to the Islands in 1833.  The specimen on display in the Museum was discovered by Dale Evans on his family's farm at Spring Point.

3D Image of the Warrah skull