The tour, on Saturday 19th October, started at the Historic Dockyard Museum and ended at Cartmell Cottage.  This National Trust property is one of the first residential properties built in Stanley (in 1849).  En-route the group talked about the history of the buildings and plants they passed along the way. 

After looking around the cottage and learning of its history, the children joined in on a scavenger hunt type activity.   As a special 'treat' the children were shown the locks of hair the Museum has in its collection which belonged to a young lady who lived on the property.  The children thought this was a rather odd thing to do but it was explained that back in the old days this is what people did - as well as keeping teeth and goodness know what else! 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it was a fantastic start to the season.

Tour from the Museum to Cartmell Cottage

The historic heart of Stanley