Tour on board the HMS Clyde

The historic heart of Stanley

On 15th June, the Past Finders were given the exciting opportunity to go and explore HMS Clyde, the Falkland's offshore patrol vessel.

The crew had organised a range of activities for the group to see and take part in. Starting on the bottom deck and working their way up, the group were given demonstrations of first aid, fire training and firefighting equipment and were shown all of the different weaponry on board.


Ltn Ryan then lead the group through to the bridge and all the children had a go at sitting in the Captains seat for a photo opportunity. The children were very inquisitive, asking many questions about all the equipment and all had a go on the ship's wheel.

Everyone was then taken down to the lounge to meet Captain Harris, he was nicely surprised when the group presented him with a lovely cake, made by Michelle Evans, as a thank you to him and all and all his crew for a fantastic tour.

Ltn Ryan and other crew members were very helpful in answering lots of questions, the Past Finders were very interested to learn more, true young historians!

Thank you to Colonel Dave Prew and Lieutenant Ryan Woodridge (Operations Officer) HMS CLYDE for organising such a fun and  interactive  visit.