The board of trustees consists of:

Mr. Richard Cockwell OBE (Chairman), Mrs. Jan Cheek MLA,  Mr. Kurt Whitney,

Mrs. Denise McPhee, Mr. Tim Miller, Mr. Paul Ellis, Mrs. Emma Brook

Secretary: Mrs Judy Summers MBE

A word from the Chairman

Richard Cockwell OBE

The historic heart of Stanley

"It is a great honour for me to be the Chair of the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust, particularly after the exciting time since the Museum moved to the new site at the Historic Dockyard in the middle of Stanley. It is with particular pride to recall  that in 2015 our Historic Dockyard Museum was among a shortlist of five for the Museums + Heritage  Awards for Excellence in the international category.

The Trustees are resolute in their determination to assist the Director Andrea Barlow and her staff in creating an exciting, informative and interesting exhibition dedicated to demonstrating the Falkland Islands' varied heritage - from discovery and settlement, through the days when sheep farming and ship repair sustained the Islands, to modern times when tourism, deep sea fishing and the search for oil drive the economy.

We are all very proud of what has already been achieved at the new Museum site and look forward to building on this success over time.  In the near future we hope to be able to take a more active part in preserving heritage sites outside the Museum and fulfill our National Trust role."