Afternoon tea on the SS Great Britain

Thank you to The Waterfront Boutique Hotel for supplying the delicious tea, Government House for allowing us to use their tea set, John Smith and Willie Bowles for sharing their memories of the salvage with the children and to Jo Summers for taking these stunning photographs.

Next year marks 50 years since the SS Great Britain made that epic journey from the Falklands back to Bristol - the place where she was originally launched from over 100 years earlier. 

The Historic Dockyard Museum is planning an exhibition to mark the anniversary and is appealing to the public for anything they may have stowed away that has a connection to this groundbreaking ship.  It could be photos, objects, footage or even stories to tell.  We would love to hear from you so please get in touch by telephoning 27428 or emailing

To draw attention to this special anniversary, Past Finders got together and had tea in front of the Great Britain exhibition at the Historic Dockyard Museum.  The SS Great Britain Museum  are also in the throes of planning next year's anniversary.  They are being helped by the Falkland Islands Association who would like the exhibition to focus on life in the Islands now - and Past Finders will hopefully feature within this exhibition. 

The historic heart of Stanley