The historic heart of Stanley

The Historic Dockyard Museum was pleased to take part in one of the International Museums Weekends for RT enthusiasts around the world over the weekend of 17th and 18th June 2018.

The call sign for the station in the Museum was “VP8HDM” – VP8 is the sign for the Falklands – HDM – Historic Dockyard Museum.

Specially designed event cards were printed for the occasion. These will be sent out once cards from the overseas contacts are received.

Enthusiasts from 49 countries were contacted by the Falkland Islands  enthusiasts in the RT Hut at the Dockyard with over 254 contacts being made. Local Falkland Islands involved in the event were Bob and Janet McLeod, Brian Aldridge, Andrez Short, Donald Betts, Mario and Zoran Zuvic and Fred Simpson with visitors to the RT Hut able to see the equipment and radio hams in action.

For the technically minded, the antenna was an inverted V di-pole at about 30 feet above ground, and a small Yaesu FT450 transceiver was used.  Bob McLeod said, we worked on 3 different modes: digital, SSB (voice) and CW (morse). Bob added,  that unfortunately there was a CW contest on the bands, and although Fred could hear CW signals, he was unable to work anyone because they only wanted to contact others in the contest.  Radio conditions are not so good at this time of year, so we were surprised to work so many faraway places over the weekend.

 The Historic Dockyard Museum was pleased to be able to host the event and extend their thanks to Bob and Janet and everyone else involved in organising it.  Amateur Radio played a big part in the social life of the Falklands for many years, both within the Islands and for making contact with other people all around the world. It was interesting to see that even with the advent of Facebook and the internet there is still a role for digital radio transmissions, carrying on the RT tradition.

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