The historic heart of Stanley

Past Finders and Watch Group come together to pick teaberries

and learn about the flora

and fauna of the

Cape Pembroke Peninsula

Watch Group (WG) is Falkland Conservation's youth group and as it happens, a lot of members of Past Finders (PF) are also members of WG.  Michael and Sandra (respective Outreach Assistants and leaders) wanted to bring the two groups together for an event (and hopefully many more in the future.)    And so it was that on a cold, grey day, members from both groups gathered at what I like to call the, 'entrance to the Cape Pembroke Peninsula,' and, armed with worksheets and containers, set off in an easterly direction to pick teaberries and identify some of the local flora and fauna.  

It wasn't the best time of the year to see some of the more beautiful flowers that can be found in the area (like the Dog Orchid and Dusty Miller for example), but we did find Arrow-Leaved Marigolds and Marsh Daisies.  Someone found what is believed to have been heather (a sample was bagged up and taken back by FC.)

The wind unfortunately got up by the time we reached the lighthouse, so, sheltering on the east side of the lighthouse, we ate our picnic whilst enjoying the fantastic view before clambering to the top of the lighthouse. 

Armed with recipes for pavlova and teaberry buns, the children headed home to make treats for their parents (well, for those whose berries made it home that is!)

Thank you to Watch Group and all volunteers for joining us on our little adventure, it was a fantastic day out.