Walk from Eliza Cove to Lake Point

Was it a cold morning?  Yes.  Did it put off our young Past Finders?  Of course not!  These youngsters are made of hardier stuff!  The recent heavy rain made it an even more interesting walk to Lake Point from Eliza Cove on Saturday, 4th May.  Some chose to avoid the  pools of water ... and of course, others didn't! 

Hamish Jennings was kind enough to came along and talk to the group about the area and share his memories from when he was  a young lad in the 1950’s. Hamish explained about the stone crusher and how it worked. He told us that 8 men worked the stone crusher, collecting the pebbles from the beach by hand and loading them into the tippers (Bogies) which were then fed through the crusher.  Hamish said he would go down and try and hitch rides in the lorries working on the site. 

Hamish also spoke about how he trained horses at Goose Green (near Lake Point), and about the wooden corral on the right-hand-side of the fence before going through the gate to Goose Green.  He also told the group about how he and Jumbo Whitney would collect hay from the paddock above the Eliza Cove rugby pitch for the Dairy (of which only the shed is still standing - and in use today). 

The group followed the coastline to Lake Point -  looking at remnants of days gone by on the way.  Turkey Vultures were plentiful ... Some of us had never seen so many together in one spot!  The group also spotted a flock of Two-Banded Plovers and a Dark-Faced Ground Tyrant. 

Hungry tummies had to be satisfied and the group settled on the bank near the WWI gun battery for their picnic lunch. We were aware that time was going by far too quickly so we armed ourselves with metal detectors and headed down to the beach to star searching for treasure. Unfortunately, all we found were crab's legs! We had enough time however, to spell PAST FINDERS in the sand before heading on the trek back to Eliza Cove. 

Approaching the old rugby pitch we spotted a majestic Variable Hawk sitting on one of the poles - watching our every move! 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Special thanks to our volunteers for helping on the day. 

The historic heart of Stanley