The historic heart of Stanley

Fairy Cove to the Camber

This epic walk started off well with sunshine and some very enthusiastic children.  Sandra, helped by Joan Spruce, gave the group a brief history of the Camber railway, the quarantine station (part  of the Agricultural Department), the peat bogs that supplied various Government buildings, and the Scout Hut at Clam Shell.   They were also able to measure and photograph the various foundations that are still visible on the ridge.  

Past Finders then headed east to the jetty which was used by the firing range and quarantine station.  It is also believed that a spring that supplied some of the water to Stanley and visiting ships was located in this area. 

After a picnic, the group headed up the ridge to try and locate the remains of the stone pathway which is believed to have led to the, 'caretaker's house' (who apparently looked after the gardens that supplied the ships with vegetables in WWII.)  The firing range is believed to have been in the same area.  The range was used by the West Yorks, Scots and the Volunteer Rifle Corps. 

The group then headed a bit further east past the names of the ships on Wireless Ridge.  This gave Joan the opportunity to talk about the turf wall that is located there.   We also had the chance to look at the trolleys and other artifacts that were recently found during the Camber clean-up (and also learn about the area.)

A very tired group then headed back to Fairy Cove... and arrived just as the heavens opened up! 

We were very lucky to have found the Yellow Pale Maiden during this walk... which apparently is a very rare find!